Ibhar provides a unique methodology through which a continuous improvement work culture can be implemented within weeks to a month.  Hospital managements and personnel are empowered with specific things to implement, record information, monitor progress/compliance and review outcome.

The systematic implementation of daily work management leads to being totally prepared for an Entry or Full NABH Accreditation.


All that need to be implemented and a comprehensive list of what need to be checked for practice adherence and compliance makes up the comprehensive set of content and tools. The Ibhar mobile app as well as the Ibhar Web based application not just provides access but provides the ability to record status and plan action.

This list includes Infrastructure, Signage, Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, Registers, Forms, Case Sheet Formats, Consent Forms, Monitoring checklists, Data to be collected daily for arriving at Outcome.


Departments can now play an active role in determining what need to be put in place with the Ibhar tool kit.

Ibhar assigned Virtual consultants provide daily mentoring support to ensure planned activities are implemented and compliance to practice established through a rigorous process of monitoring, training and continual improvement work culture.

Your hospital management and key stakeholders can drive the plan from day ONE.


A Comprehensive set of Audit and Assessment tools help you bring about a Continuous Monitoring environment.

Pre-defined checklists that include Daily Ward Observations, Hand-Hygiene monitoring, Drug Chart Audit, Case Sheet Audit, Laboratory Audit, Imaging Audit, Pharmacy Audit, Critical Care Audit, Emergency Audit help you to get anybody monitor and audit compliance.


A complete pre-defined set of Structured reviews templates help you get started with reviews with ease.

Pre-defined reviews include Quality Committee Review, Safety Commiittee Review, Overall Performance Review, Therapeutic Committee Review, Infection Control Review, Medical Records Committee Review.

Get Support from over 125 CPQIH (Certified Professionals for Quality Improvement in Hospitals)

Over 125 Quality personnel trained by CAHO (Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations) can guide and mentor you through the process of NABH certification and continual Quality Improvement.


Manage Accreditation Preparedness

Assign, Monitor and Manage all activities related to NABH, JCI or any other Accreditation anytime from anywhere.

Act Responsively

Improve TAT, Reduce downtime, Enhance Patient and other stakeholder experience.

Improve compliance

With improved frequency of monitoring, easy to conduct audits and checks.

Mobile enabled

Record, Capture data, Monitor and Act from your mobile.


Provide access to relevant Standard Operating Procedures and Policies.

Reduce Paperwork

Record information of the fly using your mobile. Eliminate paperwork.



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#WorldRedCrossDay is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Henri Dunant who founded Red Cross in 1863. #Ibhar salutes this global humanitarian movement that is at the forefront of protecting human life and health in emergencies and calamities and working to alleviate human suffering across the globe. For info on #Ibhar visit us at
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Ibhar is a versatile and easy to use approach supported with comprehensive tools that not only helps organizations put things is place but also ensure that practices are sustained through a continual improvement driven work culture.

C. Bernard / Managing Director Ibhar Technologies

IBHAR gave me a different perspective of hospital management... my E rounds and ''Smart care' era dawned then. Very comprehensive, user friendly and can be planned as per the requirements. As a whole it's a e healthcare management revolution.

Dr Bhuvan / Medical Director - Al Ahalia Hospital UAE

The Ibhar approach and solution is used by over 100 CAHO trained CPQIH (Certified Professionals for Quality Implementation in Hospitals) to mentor healthcare organizations achieve excellence in quality and get NABH accreditation.

We have been able to manage the preparedness of each of our facility everyday through a 100 point checklist and Turn around times from a central support center managed extremely well. Translating into improved Operational efficiency.

Dr Agarwal

Nineteenth century paper works are still holding the 21st century medicine and delivery of healthcare. It sounds paradoxical! Information and communication technology (ICT) is revolutionizing the 21st Century healthcare Industry. This is where IBHAR is shouldering a major role in automizing the implementation of healthcare standards and Continuous Quality improvement. Few of our foreign clients have evaluated IBHAR’s Quality initiative work flow automation software and found that it is far superior in functionality to its competitors.

G Arun Govind / ACHS International Surveyor
Lallu Joseph / CMC Vellore
Dr Alexander Thomas / President CAHO
Dr Mehta Hospital Chennai

Rapidiously integrate multimedia based resources whereas low-risk high-yield technologies. Proactively innovate market positioning products without B2B products. Progressively recaptiualize

Dr Prabhakar / Kalyani Kidney Centre Erode
Medanta / Medanta


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